Few years ago i started to play to Star Wars Battlefront, an online multiplayer game, which is pretty unusual for me as i prefer games with good narrative, solo experience. This game is basic but provide good mechanics, modes, kinda similar to Battlefield (vehicles) but with heroes.

SW Battlefront became popular and started quickly to appeal game hacker, and by consequences of their hacking tools, a consequent amount of cheaters. Lobbies of 40 players were unplayable as there was always at least one cheater with damage hack or aimbot, even with anti-cheats system like “Fairfight”.

Note: as there is a game industry, there is also a game cheats industry, and some websites propose to pay for cheating tools, like systemcheats.net.

At this time, as a software developer, i was interested by the hacking tool used, because yes, most of the cheaters use the same game cheats software. This one is known as Coltonon hack and could easily be found on the www.unknowncheats.me forum.

Funny fact: Coltonon hack creator (Coltonon’s github) was hired by EA in January 2020 and working on the security team as related in a deleted tweet [1] (thanks to the internet archive wayback machine) and also on reddit [2].

It allows to multiply your damages (damage hack), see players (wall hack), automatically aim (aimbot), instant jumppack, and so on. Here is a screenshot where you could see how work the wall hack (overlay which draw boxes around players).

TODO: add screenshot

How it work ?

TODO: introduction, decompile, source code, mechanisms

What’s next ?

Well, Star Wars Battlefront will die silently but i hope next version (SW BF3), if there is any, will be managed differently in terms of anti-cheat system and allow verified players to ban/kick cheaters.